Puritans, Plagues, and Promises – William E. “Bill” Cole’s eagerly-anticipated forthcoming book – reserve your copy today!


Puritans, Plagues, and Promises is an epic creative nonfiction story of adventure, bravery, and courage. You will swept up and into the lives of ordinary English men, women, and children who experience trials and tribulations during  turbulent times.

From the fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries, the families Cole, Clarke, Collier and others take us on their journeys… in England and America. Before, during, and after the 1620-1640 Great Migration, they display courage, bravery, and resolve in the face of stressful and sometimes dangerous circumstances.

We see what forces motivated them to do what they did. We understand the personal and historic events that propelled them away from England to seek promises of new lives in America.

Why they did what they did comes clearly into focus.   From them, we gain insight how to meet challenges… and challengers head on… and overcome obstacles. Their journeys represent and chronicle those brave souls who helped establish America’s Plymouth Colony.  Along the way, you will be treated to historic breakthrough genealogical findings. And new discoveries fill in fascinating stories providing insight and historical context to the times in which they lived.

The book’s planned release is in spring 2023. Click here to indicate your interest in reserving one or more autographed copies. And one other important item, the author is working with archives to license the rights to use some never-before published images.  If you would like to know more about financially sponsoring an image, contact the author right here.