English Origins of Job, John, Daniel, and Ruth Cole


This article, published in the Mayflower Descendant Journal, Vol. 69, Winter Edition 2021, contains historic breakthrough genealogical findings. You will find proof of the Cole brothers parents plus the parents of Daniel Cole’s wife, Ruth.

This is a “must have” for all Cole family descendants and researchers interested in early New England genealogical history.

Readers’ comments:

“I am still digesting the information in both articles. I’m blown away by the depth and quality of your and Nicola’s research… I appreciate your focus and attention to detail… BRAVO!– Patty Donohoe, VP, Eastham Historical Society


“Congratulations. Add me to the waiting list” [for Puritans, Plagues, and Promises]. – David Charles Cole, line of William, author, A Cole Family in America (1633-2003)

“Just finished the English Origins of Cole. Great work! – Michael J. Cole

Absolutely stunning work – as a descendant of Daniel Cole and Ruth … I will always be in your debt!” – Jeff Record

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