Early English Records: Underutilized Treasure Troves

Bill Cole’s branch of his Cole ancestral line remained a mystery for generations despite efforts from prominent genealogists. Bill shares historic genealogical breakthrough findings from his English origins research project. Using a case study of his quest for Daniel and Ruth Cole’s English roots and other related lines, you will discover the world of early English records that contain underutilized treasure troves. This is a must for anyone researching their English roots. These Early English record sources provide a roadmap to help you find your English ancestral roots. This presentation shares vigorous research methodology that provides you with the direction you need for research with the potential for findings into sixteenth century.

This seminar was recorded live in September 2019 on Cape Cod. It features not only Bill Cole, but also includes his English origins research partner, Ms. Nicola Waddington. This presentation offers the unique opportunity to hear from experts on both sides of the “pond.” For a small fee, you gain access to observing and hearing first hand historic breakthrough genealogical findings discovered during their partnership.