Bullion Bend – Softcover book. Author-autographed.



Bill Cole dug deep into the California State Archives and other sources to uncover how his relative became involved in a Wild West caper that occurred during the Civil War’s final year. This amazing story is one where fact is truly stranger than fiction! It features Confederate Stagecoach Robbers, Murder Trials, and the California Supreme Court.

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Bullion Bend Book Readers’ Comments:

What a read! All you need is someone to write the screen play and have Johnny Depp step right in front of the camera!! This would make a good movie.” – Dr. Fritz Juengling

Reading Bullion Bend: Confederate Stagecoach Robbers, Murder Trials, and the California Supreme Court – Oh My! was like being on my favorite roller coaster.  The twists and turns of the story made me wonder if I had criminals in my family.  It’s a great read and will even make a greater movie.” – David M. Green

Five Stars: Not only will you be captured by this amazing, true story, but you will find yourself laughing out loud!” –Sandy Bishop

When you think about reading history, you don’t often think about the word, “thriller,” yet that is what this book is – a historical thriller. Bullion Bend captivates your attention with conspiracy, murder, robbery, hanging, The Confederacy, old fashion cowboy rough riding, and adventure. A most enjoyable read about the greatest period in early California history!” – Wendy Brown

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