The ABC Formula book – watch a 90 second video intro!

William E. “Bill” Cole’s book, The ABC Formula, is part autobiography and part self-help. Springing from a tragic circumstance described in Chapter One, How Desperation Turned Into Inspiration, Bill wrote this for someone just like you. He says, “It’s truly a labor of love.”

Whether you’re just starting out on a new path or traveling along one that’s well-worn, think of it as a roadmap. It will guide you through turbulence and tragedies, twists and turns, dilemmas and decisions, and obstacles or opportunities – regardless of the journey you’re on. The book’s subtitle, “Building Your Life’s Enduring Core Values,” pays tribute to Cole’s special mentors who helped him navigate through life’s challenges at critical turning points. Cole includes more than 130 favorite inspirational quotes and fills the pages with stories.

Bill says, “I sincerely hope that it will help you… or someone close to you… facing challenges that are sometimes not voiced anywhere… except in one’s head. By the book’s end, you will gain not only head knowledge, but experience something special –something that touches your heart and your spirit.”

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