Breathe More Life into Your Genealogy: Storytelling Tips & Writing Techniques

Storytelling and story writing are two sets of skills with some similarities and important distinctions. This engaging presentation provides specific tips and practical techniques for each skill that emphasize how to use them appropriately and immediately. Bill has authored three highly-rated published books. All contain a wealth of stories plus historical and genealogical information.

  • The ABC Formula: Building Your Life’s Enduring Core Values click here for more information.
  • Bullion Bend: Confederate Stagecoach Robbers, Murder Trials, and the California Supreme Court – Oh My! click here for more information
  • Puritans, Plagues, and Promises: Cole, Clarke, and Collier in England to America

Learn to captivate and effectively engage your audience—whether from the stage or on the page. This unique presentation gives you the tools you need for today’s discerning and demanding audiences.

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